Why Porimoni ask for Help on Facebook Live

Actress Porimoni was arrested by RAB from her home. Rapid Action Battalion RAB raided the house of popular actress Parimani Banani and arrested her. The house of the actress was raided on Wednesday afternoon. Khandaker Al Moin, director of the RAB’s legal and media wing, said the RAB had raided the house of the actress on the basis of specific allegations.

The actress came on her facebook live and asked for help because she was not sure that are they really came from Law enforcement agency or terrorist group among her eminity. As seen live, she opened the door after the identity of the law enforcement was confirmed. At that time, the law enforcement forces confiscated the mobile phones of everyone in the house. As well as asking to stop the girlfriend live. She later stopped live.

Nasir U Ahmed and several others were accused of harassing his girlfriend at a club in the capital last June. She also reported the allegation on Facebook Live. Then the administration took cognizance of it. The accused were later arrested in connection with the fairy case. However, Nasir was released on bail a few days after his arrest.

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