Zac Efron is in early talks for the film Dirty Grandpa

Zac Efron and Robert De Niro could be going on a street outing together for another motion picture.

The on-screen characters are both in right on time converses with star in tasteless satire Dirty Grandpa, as per the Hollywood Reporter.

De Niro, 71, would play the main character, a distorted and indecent previous Army General, who ponders to get married with somebody who isn’t right for him.

Efron would play the troubled grandson, who ends up conned into driving his granddad to Florida for spring break.

The 26-year-old performing artist has awhile ago flaunted his parody hacks in movies, for example, That Awkward Moment and Neighbors.

Dan Mazer will control Dirty Grandpa and Barry Josephson will deliver. News 09.Sep.2014

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