WWE Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger beat up The Miz

On WWE Raw Monday night, only two prior weeks Wrestlemania the host of the pay-for every perspective occasion Hulk Hogan went to the ring. He presented the stars of the film Sabotage, Joe Manganiello and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The two film stars inquired as to whether he had room in his Andre Memorial Battle Royal.
That is the point at which The Miz appeared with his “truly?” line. He went to the ring getting them out saying that essentially everybody in the ring had no business being there and individuals were all the while discussing him featuring Wrestlemania 27 against John Cena.
The Miz proclaimed that they’d need to constrain him to leave and that is when Manganiello ventures amidst. The Miz attempted to hit him yet Manganiello blocked it, then Schwarzenegger got in a shot before Hulk tossed him over the top rope.

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News 25.Mar.2014

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