Why You Shouldn’t Buy Apple Watch

Being a tethered device, Apple Watch is pretty reliant on your iPhone being in your pocket to actually do anything at all. It uses your phone’s data and roaming facilities to allow it to answer calls, send small messages, and use apps like Instagram and Uber.

You can take photos from it, but only in the sense that it uses your phone’s camera and let’s you control the shutter from your wrist (wow!), and its Apple Pay function will see you awkwardly swiping your upturned arm over the card machines in cafes and thus poring your drink all over the counter.

Unlike previous product launches, Apple finds itself entering a marketplace that’s already being dominated by its competitors. Android Wear has been a thing for a while now and Samsung, Huawei, and LG have all released some really nice versions in recent months.

There are better looking, more powerful, longer lasting, and more compatible devices already out there and most of them represent considerably better value for money than the Apple Watch. The Motorola Moto 360 and the Sony Smartwatch 3 both look absolutely stunning and have the benefit of Android being years further down the line than Apple when it comes to app development and consumer testing. Both are about $100 cheaper as well.

The most compelling model remains the Samsung Gear S, which thanks to its built in 3G, bluetooth and wireless connectivity means that it’s not entirely slaved to a smartphone. If a smartwatch is something you’ve already made up your mind that you need, Apple’s version should be someway down your shopping list.

Secondly you’ll Be A Slave To Yet Another Charger.
To the deafening noise of stifled laughs and disbelieving scoffs, Apple proudly bragged that their latest invention will have a great battery life of less than two days.

In an age when the human race can track its own genome and land a probe on a comet 64 billion km away, there’s yet to be a smartphone battery invented that will last a whole day. The Apple Watch bucks this trend though and apparently boasts a 72 hour lifespan – if it’s turned off.

Activated, the battery of the Apple Watch will last 18 hours from a full charge if you never actually use it. Turning on the devices health monitoring features reduces this to 7 hours, you’ll get 6.5 hours of music playback time, and if you want to direct your phone calls through it you can do so for 3 hours.

Taking a phone charger with you to work or on days out is a begrudgingly accepted part of iPhone ownership, but now anyone hoping to return home with a working Apple Watch will also have to carry around a separate clip on charger if they’re planning on being out for more than an afternoon.

Generally I would likes to wear watch for a fashion and if I already have a smart phone, so why I need an another smart phone in my watch? Moreover a cheap simple fashionable watch make a man smart with long battery support. I think people would not like to become a assistance of this devise to maintain it.

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