Why am I still watching Grey’s Anatomy after eleven seasons?

Despite the fact that even its most hardcore fans have turned on the show in its recent years, they still continue to tune in – powerless to resist the charms of a medical drama that refuses to say die for reasons that don’t really seem to make sense to anyone.

Grey’s Anatomy has, essentially, morphed into something akin to a soap opera, which has pretty much imbued it with an immortal lifespan. It now holds a similar weight to that of Melrose Place; drama has made way for melodrama, and that’s addictive, apparently. But really: how much longer can this show drag itself forwards, piling up ridiculous episode upon ridiculous episode?

As it stands, there’s no word yet whether or not the show will be commissioned for a twelfth season. There’s no need to go any further, of course – these characters felt spent mid-way through season eight; the show barely resembles its earlier self. If there is a twelfth season (God forbid), it really does need to be the last one. Spare all those poor folk who can’t help but tune in every week, despite the awfulness!

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