Video of Egypt deadly soccer riot

Egyptian club Al Ahly team player run to safety during clashes after the match against Al – Masry club football stadium in Port said, Egypt in the fourth – Tuesday, February 1, 2012 in Dozens of Egyptians died Wednesday after a football match in Port of violence that, when fans flooded the field after the second game against a rival team had been completed, the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

The result was the worst violence in 15 years in football, as well as 74 people were crushed, sufocados or stabbed to death.

Many Egyptians, from community members, police and military on Thursday accused the country’s ruling does not prevent the disorder, the Egyptian city of Port said last night.

Prime Minister Kamal too – Ganzouri, emergency session of parliament, said that it dissolved the Council of the Federation Cup in Egypt and its members should be asked by prosecutors about the violence, he also noted that the provincial governor said the Port and the area police chief resigned.

Some have accused the police of making a riot for revenge against ultras – die-hard fans, who’s bitter enemies among the demonstrators and the police are more aggressive in the past year.

The ultras, followers of Al Ahly club of leading violent protests were a year ago, which led to the collapse of the police force, and in recent months they have come to a clash with soldiers during rallies demanding an end to military dictatorship.

The extraordinary session of Parliament, Saad El-Katatni, the Muslim Brotherhood accused the government of the puzzle action, putting “the danger of revolution.”

The protest march was planned to the Interior Ministry on Thursday against the police violence. In the morning, dozens of demonstrators shut down Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the uprising 18 days, toppled Mubarak, while others blocked the street in front of the state television building in preparation for the elections.

The noise in the stadium in Port Said began when a local amateur team, Al – Masry, are thrown into a 3-1 victory over Al – Ahly rare, one of the most popular clubs in Egypt.

Al – Masry supporters, armed with knives, sticks and stones, chased Al – Ahly players and fans who rushed to the exits and escape from bleachers, according to witnesses.

Television footage showed Al – Ahly players are nominated for clothing, as well as the fight broke out among the hundreds of fans that abound in the field. Some of the men were saved by a management team to lose, because he was beat. The shock was next, appearing depressed.

The Interior Ministry said 74 people died, including a policeman, and 248 injured, 14 of them policemen. Local health officials said that initially people were injured in 1000, and it was not clear how much. Security forces arrested 47 persons in the violence, the statement said.

news rewritten by Wasiul Biswas                 02Feb.2012

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