Vanessa Hudgens So Hot For The Role of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

This one’s as straight-forward as anything; Vanessa Hudgens is cast in the surprisingly amusing sequel Journey 2: The Mysterious Island as Kailani, a resident of the island of Palau who, along with her father, works as a tour guide for the Americans who show up.

In this instance, the tourists are Sean (Josh Hutcherson) and his step-dad Hank (Dwayne Johnson), the former of whom instantly has the hots for Kailani, and frankly, who can blame the guy?

The problem comes with her father; he’s played by Luis freaking Guzman. It’s not even that I’m saying Guzman is unattractive – it’s just…who is seriously supposed to believe that a specimen like Hudgens came from the loins of a guy like Guzman? I can only imagine what the mother must have looked like…

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