Truth be told, Beyoncé is over her fringe bangs

Beyoncé is now over her periphery blasts. Here’s an insane proposal: possibly whatever remains of the world ought to get the h@!! over them, as well.

Truth be told, she’s as of now disposed of them in the wake of living with them for short of what 72 hours. They most likely weren’t much her  genuine hair. For all we know, she  was simply reusing her wig from the Telephone feature she did with Lady  Gaga.

Individuals has gone so far as to post a couple of hypotheses about where those blasts went. Wig? Cut ons? Gracious sincerely, what difference does it make?

Barely a year back, Bey had a pixie cut. A snappy Google hunt uncovers that the normal mortal’s hair just develops around six crawls a year. When she performed at the Grammys in February, she had a jaw length bounce. Yet, after eight months, she is shaking rich light secures to her woman protuberances. (I can’t accept I simply composed those words.)

Presently I don’t think about you, yet I beyond any doubt don’t have insane long hair 15 months in the wake of trimming everything off — not that I could constantly bring myself to do that. It took me a decent 3-4 years to get my hair to develop past my midsection. I’m fortunate in the event that I can fulfill a jaw length weave in 15 months.

Not needing to live with a sensational hair styling is the thing that differentiates the superstar divas from whatever is left of us.

Since they have a multitude of hair stylists and a football field of  expansions, big names just need to live with a sensational ‘accomplish briefly — perhaps just the length of a day-long photograph shoot. They attempt on haircuts like you and I attempt on blue nail shine or high rise heels.

Famous people beyond any doubt don’t need to endure to develop their terrible hair choices like whatever remains of us peons. Ponder that when you are in the holding up room at your most loved salon, flipping through every one of those books of “Take a gander AT ME”  haircuts that would be at home in the Capitol in The Hunger Games. None of those individuals need to live with the repercussions of getting a wild hair up you-know-where.

 Update 26.Oct.2014

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