The Dominican Republic has banned a concert by Miley Cyrus

A Miley Cyrus show in the Dominican Republic has been banned on ethical quality grounds.

The legislature commission that supervises open exhibitions is prohibiting the September 13 execution.

It said it made the move in light of the fact that Miley regularly “attempts acts that go against ethics and traditions, which are deserving of Dominican law”.

Tickets going from 27 US dollars (£16.90) to 370 US dollars (£223) for the show in the capital have been marked down since a month ago.

A few faultfinders have proclaimed Miley’s dramatic pranks, including twerking and groin snatching, to be revolting.

An agent for Miley did not quickly react to a solicitation for input and show coordinators in the Dominican Republic did not remar

News 22.Aug.2014

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