Talaash is essentially a suspense drama -Aamir Khan

Aamir is known for being a marketing and promotion genius for releasing his films as an actor-producer.

“I think promoting a film is an important part of filmmaking. It is an intrinsic part of that. Filmmaking is story telling. The more excited you are about the story you have, the more intense will be your attempt will be to get people’s attention,” he said.

“For me that is why it is a part of filmmaking. Marketing also depends on what the material is,” he added.

Aamir is looking forward to the release of his suspense drama Talaash that hits the screens on November 30.

“Talaash is an intense suspense drama… so I don’t want to be talking about the film everywhere. I want the suspense to be there, that’s part of the promotions. Sometimes being quiet also might promote it,” he said.

“Mere information is not promotion. I can create a desire by not being there too. The bottom line is to create a desire,” he added.

Directed by Reema Kagti, Talaash revolves around three characters – Aamir who plays a cop, Rani Mukherjee playing Aamir’s wife and Kareena Kapoor.

“Talaash is essentially a suspense drama.. there is no social message but there is an important aspect to the story. The reason why it attracted me was that it is not only a great suspense story but it was like journey where I didn’t know what would happen next. So in that way, it held its suspense for me,” Aamir said.

“I found it fulfilling… the suspense part of it. But at its heart, its a story about someone coming to terms with loss… it is a very emotional story at its core,” he added.

News DNA                         20.Nov.2012

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