Sonam Kapoor expressed her desire to watch Cinderella

Like all young girls Sonam Kapoor, too, was a fan of fairy tales as a kid, and till date, they hold a special place in her heart. So, when the actor learnt that a Hollywood film based on one of her favourite fairy tales is releasing this Friday, she expressed her desire to watch it.

In fact, Sonam has asked the production house releasing the film to organise a screening for her. “She was excited ever since she got to know that the film was being made. So she spoke to us to find out if we can make a special arrangement for her to see the film,” says an insider from the production house.

Sonam feels the story makes her nostalgic and takes her back to her childhood days. Talking about her fairy tale connect, she says, “Every girl dreams to be like Cinderella. She wishes to have a perfect life and find a perfect prince. When I was a child, I would act out the character with my friends, and I loved the idea of a magical ball gown and the special shoe. It’s great to see the story come alive on screen.”

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