Shahruk Khan love to connect with people but reject TV reality

 Zor Ka Jhatka
Bollywood king SRK had publicized around this week that he would be anchoring Zor Ka Jhatka – Total Wipeout for Imagine. 
And he did. Soon after the reality show stared, the show’s broadcasters announced that they planned to produce season two of the show the following year.
 When asked, Shah Rukh denies that he ever agreed to host another season of the show after the first one.

“I have not been offered anything like that in reality, I decided to anchor the previous season, because I need money I said,` Sameer Nair, my friend and patron of the canal, I was going to show you that my time in 12 days I did not have to fly out any additional effort or it will shoot at Yash Raj, “he recalls. “Needs met, and I gained about 40 Rs opportunities worldwide out of which was immediately invested in RA.One”.

If the offer that anchor Zor KA Jhatka season two now. “I’m not sure if the time is right. Moreover, it is a very hypothetical situation to comment,” said Shah Rukh. A year ago, he said that his talks with the Star network for another show. “Ideas forever changed: There is no need everything in his business,” he explains.

The actor will take over the years, Yash Chopra, who is back in a romantic film. The time for the small screen, then. “I do not propose, but a nice concept, but if something interesting in my way, I will try and make time for it: I love to connect with my audience through their TV again,” said Shah Rukh who with his small screen debut, the third year Banega Crorepati in Kaunas: “It is a pleasant environment.”

posted by sabbir khan                                18.11.2011

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