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“Christmas is a time for nostalgia and tradition, for family gatherings and for remembering moments in time, and it is these emotions people seek to recreate and conjure with the home fragrances they choose,” says Harper.

Harper believes our scent memory is usually the best guide. “It’s not so much a case of you picking a home fragrance, more that home fragrance picks you,” he says. “Fragrance is deeply personal, you don’t have a choice between which scents you like and which you don’t. Throughout our lives we store information on smells, creating a complex stockpile of memories and associations, all of which have a big impact on whether we like a fragrance or not.”

As a general guide, he says, lavender is a relaxant and a sleep aid, vanilla is comforting, floral scents are generally calming and fruity scents revitalise an atmosphere and are perfect for a party.

Lisa Hipgrave, director of the International Fragrance Association (UK), adds: “Contemporary fragrances can be lovely too. Some room scents recreate the fragrance of snowflakes and ice. These crisp, cold, fashionable scents are achieved using ingredients with herbal, menthol nuances, as well as white floral notes and aldehydic notes.”

A scent can also complement our decor, she says. “So if you have a stark, contemporary look with white tree decorations with lilies and white roses on the Christmas table, the ‘snow’ scents could be perfect.

“If, however, warm red berries and flowers with red table napkins are more your thing, then the spicy warm scents of cinnamon and cloves may be the perfect choice to enhance the mood.”

Say it with scent this season and choose from 12 festive fragrances …

Evoke memories of successful shopping trips and Christmas markets with this uplifting, spicy scent. Inspiritus tin, £10, from Catesby’s.

When that ‘to-do’ list seems never-ending, relax with the exclusive scent of a Tahitian vanilla flower, which blooms for just one day. Vanilla Flower luxury candle, £25, from Urban Apothecary London.

COMFORTING RITUAL Roasting chestnuts is a Christmas tradition you can conjure with this candle, which is also laced with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and hints of caramel and cedarwood. Roasted Chestnut Deluxe Candle, £80, from Jo Malone.

LET’S CELEBRATE An essence of sparkling Brut Champagne mingled with hints of vanilla, barrel oak, apricot and coconut. Voluspa Maison Noir boxed candle in Crisp Champagne, £30, from Cuckooland.

PARTY TIME This rich sweet scent with fruity notes could create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Gold Dust, £22.75, from Yankee Candle.

Alternatively, an Amber Noir candle in a glamorous gold jar, £8, from Shearer Candles, has the sensual scent of tuberose, violets and amber.

FLOWER POWER Reward yourself (or someone else) with a floral bouquet of scent and a visual delight with this luxurious candle in a stunning container featuring Italian artist Piero Fornasetti’s iconic design of the mythical fertility goddess Flora. Fornasetti Flora scented candle, £99, from Selfridges.

LETTER TO SANTA Write those essential requests in a cosy atmosphere, with the scent of cinnamon, tonka bean and mandarin. Christmas Wish home candle, £42, from Neom .

Inspired by the vivid history of the country, Ward has conjured a floral, sensual scent with notes of Carnation, Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Patchouli, Amber and Cedarwood. The Gypsy candle, from £25, from Jonathan Ward.

This blend of woods and spicy amber, with a hint of incense, would appeal to both sexes and could conjure images of wood-panelled rooms and log fires. Dark Amber scented candle, £30, from Osprey London.

CAROL SINGERS Greet visiting singers with a traditional Christmas tipple and the scent of wine and cinnamon. No25 Mulled Wine & Cinnamon glass filled candle, £7, from Boots (

CHRISTMAS EVE The warm balsamic aroma of frankincense is combined here with the smoky scent of myrhh for a restoring but stimulating scent so appropriate for the night before Christmas. Frankincense & Myrhh candle, £39, from Willow Organic.

CHRISTMAS DAY Cranberry is an essential ingredient for the festive meal and these smokeless tealights, using natural oils, have a warm, fruity fragrance. 30 Wild Cranberry tealights, £3.99, from Lakeland .

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