Salman Butt and Asif found guilty | Pakistan Cricket tainted

Pakistan Cricketer Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif were found guilty now of a match-fixing plot during last year’s tour of England.

Pakistani Former Test captain Salman butt, and Pace bowler  Mohammad Asif , conspired to deliberately bowl no balls in the Lord’s test as a profitable Betting scam.
Two arrested after an undercover journalist based in the UK sports agent Mazhar Majeed, boasting, how he could have held Pakistan cricketers to play money games.Majeed said the manipulation of two and a half years and made money, pasta and pasta. “
He talked about the benefits of grooming young cricketers to work with him and bragging, he played seven players in the Pakistan side of the device.
Also discussed the corrupt agent deliberately lose the game against England in the oval Test last summer, more than one million dollars, and plotted to fix games in last year’s Twenty20 World Cup West Indies.
World News editor to correct the scandal emerged after the previous research, Mazhar Mahmood, Majeed came in August last year, claims to be a rich Indian businessman looking for great actors in international cricket.
A secret agent was shot by the amount of cash is £ 150.000 as the platform for games.Majeed reporter, who has promised Amir Mohammad Asif and fellow fast Bowles, 19, would deliver three no balls at specific points during the trial of the Lord between Pakistan and England on August 26 from 29 last year.
The balls were rolled back as promised. Predicts that the estimated probability of a random one of cricket statistician, as well as 1.5 million.
Asif butt, and both deny any involvement in viciação results.
Explaining why he had not bowled-ball – at the very time when President Asif Majeed said that the claim that the ass said. “Running fast, moments before its delivery.
Former Pakistan captain said the agent asked him to pieces crunch Gaming Platform in the World Cup Twenty20 2010 and last summer’s Test series against England.

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