Rupert Grint says he “can’t say no” to his fans

The former Harry Potter star is known for his flame haired locks and English boy charm. But after a night out in London one time, he took on a very different persona thanks to one of his fans.

“I just can’t say no [to fans]. I would do anything if someone asks me to do it,” he told a BBC Three documentary made by fellow Potter star Tom Felton. “It’s got me in a few weird situations. I met this drag queen and went back to her little flat with all her drag queen friends because I couldn’t say no. They dressed me up and we went to get bagels at 4am. I was in full heels and feather boa and it was really weird.”

The one-off show is called Tom Felton Meets The Superfans and sees the British actor investigate the phenomenon of celebrity and franchise obsessed fans. Rupert has certainly been on the receiving end of some unusual behaviour from his supporters.

“I have this girl who sends me photos of herself in my jackets and there is thick stack of pictures and it’s nothing weird, she just wants me to see her wearing the jacket,” the 26-year-old revealed.

Tom, who played Draco Malfoy in the movie adaptation of the J.K. Rowling novels, also spoke to star of the series Daniel Radcliffe. While the 25-year-old is glad people loved his character, he admits he sometimes struggles with the level of fame it’s brought him.

“I’m very comfortable with people being obsessed with Harry Potter and those films, I am less comfortable with people being obsessed with me,” he explained. “If you are going to be obsessed with anything, being obsessed with a series of books or films is pretty good. Some people are obsessed with heroin. It’s something in your life which other people think is weird and wrong and don’t get and gives you meaning.”

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