Rohingya villages fire again (VIDEO)

Myanmar’s Rohingya houses were torched, the army again.
Wednesday (13 September) at six o’clock in the evening on the north side of Maungdaw dorabila fire was seen in the area. Rohingyas are said to take place in Teknaf, dorabila Maungdaw north side of the houses on fire, burning in the evening pm. Purbaparha Maghrib prayers were all burned. West neighborhood now burning.

Rohingya houses to save their lives after a fire on Wednesday evening, Mohammad Johar Abdul Motaleb have fled. The Bengali Tribune said, “the life-saving houses have escaped. Purbaparha burned has ended. Paschimpara burning now. ”

Tuesday (September 1), the last time the loudspeakers to leave the area of ​​the Rohingya in Myanmar army. Then the small villages torched. Wednesday evening along the border of the village was set on fire in the village of dorabila. Locals leave their homes across the border into Bangladesh.

Earlier on Tuesday (1 September) in the Naf river flames were seen. Rohingyas were brought by boat from the island of Sahaparira day. Naf river by boat from the area of ​​Maungdaw Rohingya in Myanmar’s security forces and law enforcement agencies at the time did not have any barriers. Fishing boat safely moves Rohingyas.

Meanwhile, the last Sunday over the Rohingyas at least 6 to 7 fishing trawlers were allegedly set fire to the Coast Guard. However, it does not change Rohingya passing. Rohingya are entering every night. Even by night across the Naf river into Bangladesh are hundreds of Rohingya.

Naf river along the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) does not prevent them from entering Rohingya, but kept walking.

The last 4 August in Myanmar’s Rakhine state police post was attacked by a rebel group in the country. Many were killed or wounded at least 1 of the Rohingya. Rakhine state over the past 5 August raid on civilians in the name of murder, rape, torture continues in many homes agunasaha Myanmar security forces. After taking refuge in Bangladesh after fleeing Rohingyas lives. According to the UN, at the entrance of the three million refugees. However, this number is expected to more local sources.

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