Now Rohingya leaders are being slaughtered

Myanmar Rohingya people in Rakhine state, the army is leading the people were slaughtered.
In particular, the chairman of the village, known as the rich man and the locals who are good people out of their home with the target being slaughtered. After the burning of the body are happening. These data come from the Rohingya to flee from Rakhine said. They, in cooperation with the Myanmar army mug people were slaughtered by the community to show the photos and videos of Rohingya villages causing panic. Rohingyas fled to normal.

Is Rohinga Terrorist
If you think these people are terrorist for being muslim then its no matter you are president or Suu Kyi you are really seek

After the outbreak of violence in Maungdaw jamide lambaguna said. Alam (5) have fled the country. Naf river near the neighborhood adjacent to the ice fisherman sitting in front of the call to speak with him. Bengali Tribune, he said, “Our house in the village munnipara jamide lambagunara spreading Jean region. We Relatives of the 33 people on Tuesday (September 1) morning, I came across the river Naf. Saleh Ahmed Alam, sitting next to his father. They were waiting for the cows to come to Myanmar. Some fishing boats along the border with Myanmar, said a broker to bring in the cows. The makeshift refugee camps in the region will bring the cow sold it. Jetty next to the Rohingya are being bought and sold cattle.

Myanmar’s army was the brutal murder of two of them. There was panic on the faces of both the time to talk to them. They are still coming home in another country could not be easier. Alam said the military entered the area 200300 together. Mug with them are local. Audacious set fire to the house, looted. Whom does he have to kill it. The military took the shot, slaughter. ”

“The name of our village and the neighboring village khuinyapara. Chairman of the village. Faisal. They are four brothers. Master Rafiq older brother, second brother, Master Aaron, chairman sejo brother and younger brother of Faisal said. Hafeez. Chairman of the younger brother said. Hafiz in Saudi Arabia. Chairman of the village was tinabhaike. Rafiq and his older brother on Friday in second brother Aaron, the military took control. Blindfolded them and took them home. Then Aaron slaughtered the military. And it is not known what has happened to the older brother. The big man who has betrayed them proud. Chairman of Maungdaw Maungdaw are getting married and he has escaped. Could not catch him. ”

Rajarabila from the area said. Siddique (50), a fisherman with his family came to Teknaf on Tuesday afternoon. Bengali Tribune, he said, “the village on Sunday (10 September) was burned. Amin was proud of us when our chairman, said 50 lakh, Otherwise, your house will be on fire. Chairman of the money from the house to the Magh. Then they set fire to our village. Then we called the chairman of all, I can not stay here, you may leave the village and go that way. ”

He said, “We are coming with our chairman. He had gone with his family to the makeshift areas. ”

Myanmar’s Rakhine state on August 4 at the same time the army alleged attack on the government post 9. Since then, the army started operations in Rakhine state. Rohingya houses and on the day of the fire. Rohingyas are at risk to save the life of rivers, mountains, forests across the country are entering.

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