Rihanna’s new Music video-We Found Love| Dirty scene with boyfriend

Watch New Music video of Rinhanna and her New boyfriend in get down and some dirty scenes in video.The chemistry between the pair is clear to see in the new video, which Rihanna premiered today.A fully-clothed Rihanna climbs on top of her beau as they have a bath together. Dudley is then seen blowing the smoke from the cigarettes into Rihanna’s mouth.The relationship takes a turn for the worse as Dudley tattooes the word ‘Mine’ on Rihanna’s bottom.
Rihanan said “No one understands what a headache if you feel hopeless, and nothing can save him then, when he was almost wish you could have all these bad things behind, so you can get better.”

Rihanna and Olympic boxing hopeful Dudley, the head was in a relationship, physical love can not be separated from each other in a second.

Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and marijuana, which seems to be, their relationship goes to another level, as you get to the amusement parks, and traquinagens spheres of life.

We Found Love Video

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