Rihanna and Katy Perry have rekindled their friendship, but don’t “mention” Chris Brown when they’re together

The Pop Princess, who have not been seen together in public since 2012, held a meeting on Monday to insist that he was dissatisfied with the decision of Rihanna Katy How to rekindle her romance with Chris Brown – who assaulted star in Barbados in 2009 earlier this year.

However, the pair enjoyed dinner together in New York this week, as Rihanna posted a picture of a black and white warmth of your friend’s Instagram.

A source said that Rihanna and Katy are happy to leave the past behind.

“Ri and Katy is not that a little incident ruin their friendship … never too bad, really, “the source told Hollywood Life

“Katy some things, Rihanna does not give a damn what anyone, and if it never really happened.”

Despite its meeting Duo promised to speak to Chris, and what began his dissent in the first instance.

Rihanna, who is now alone remains philosophical about the relationship of Katy.

“Simply, Rihanna does not say much about the pros say Katy, I hope you are well and wish them well,” said the source.

“No hard feelings. There is only one in your life than your relationship with Chris Brown “

Katy spoke with Rihanna’s Elle UK magazine’s August issue.

“I love her [Rihanna] and every time I see him, I remember the light you have,” she moved out. “There is a lot of darkness in this business: Know a lot of people out there that are more harmful retinues caused his death, I’m sorry, but you can not save these people to save more people are aware of my days.” …

Rihanna says a source close to the star, the party-loving “does not have to save someone” yet. Source revealed that it was the vision of your spiritual condition.

“A man for all of the above is: Is that what brought him here, and it’s what comes from” a source revealed.

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