Poonam Panday’s uploaded video| misunderstand among people

Indian actress Poonam Panday upload a video of herself by tweeter account. Poonam Panday said during world cup cricket 2011 that if India win the world cup she will be nude and walk on road. Unfortunately or fortunately India won the final match then it’s a time to maintain his word. After that media people has been starting to say when you will nude? when your promise will fulfill? Again and again.

Poonam Pandey is hogging more newsprint today than Rakhi Sawant. Her claim to fame? A naked promise and a series of raunchy pics in between. Cashing in on her

Model Poonam also said wait, of course  I will be cloth less and that will by Cumulus. Recently she publish her video at online and people thinks probably this video is nudity of Poonam. But upset for these guys, the video of Poonam is a ordinary video and It’s a just advertise of a website.

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