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In search engine million million searched for Free download movie and watch new movie online with name of movies.Internet make it easy to viewer for watching movie and free download movie.But it’s not purpose of Internet.

Director producer are create their product for human’s entertainment.Million dollars and lot of diligence,energy they spend behind a single film.They wish it will entertain to people and it also gives them profit.

When a conscious man watch a new movie at home he breaks the prospect of many labor.More Over a movie never fun at home greater than theater.Theater screen,environment,presence friends and family,other viewers all of things add a new volume of fun.

Although it’s true that a man should check the movie is entertainment depended or not.So he has to search movie trailer to watch at home before going to theater.

Every man should stopped their tendency to watch full movie (new released) in online or by downloading.I always try to watch new movie at online and read movie review than decide for going theater.Otherwise old movies generally watch at home.

Which people are interested to watch new move by using any website they don’t know that website owner is doing business using them.Also the website violent rules of video-piracy.  

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posted by Wasiul Biswas                             29.12.2011

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