Online Stream Movie: Two Days, One Night |You Might’ve Missed

The Plot: Following a nervous breakdown, Sandra (Marion Cotillard) faces losing her job after a vote takes place for her co-workers to pick up her slack themselves for a tasty bonus. Over the course of a weekend, Sandra must try to convince her co-workers to vote for her to keep her job instead.

Why It’s Awesome: Marion Cotillard gives her strongest performance to date (which earned her an unexpected, but well-deserved, Oscar nomination) in the Dardenne brothers’ deeply sympathetic drama, which allows the actress to provide a definitive cinematic depiction of depression. Though the movie isn’t concerned with much more than Sandra’s various meetings with her co-workers, it remains consistently tense throughout, all the way to a wholly satisfying conclusion which has much to say about the state of humanity today.

How To Watch It: No DVD release date unannounced (US) / On DVD now (UK)

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