Online Stream Movie: The Krampus Upcoming Horror movie 2015

The Film:
Back in 2007, director Michael Dougherty brought us his interpretation of the wackiest, creepiest Halloween imaginable: Trick ‘r Treat. With no sign of a sequel, the promising helmer has instead turned his attentions to Christmas and a creepfest based on this eponymous mythical figure.

Dougherty is keeping tight lipped, but what we do know is the film is due for a fitting release on 5 December 2015, with Fargo’s Allison Tolman and comedy regular Adam Scott both scheduled to star. Here’s hoping Dougherty brings us a festive black comedy in the spirit of Gremlins.

The Horror:
The Krampus originated from small, German-speaking mountain towns where locals formed a strong belief in a being that would arrive at Christmas and punish naughty children. Call it the anti Santa Claus, if you will. Although his appearence has altered over the years, the Krampus is predominately tall in appearance, covered in shaggy hair with horns and a lolling tongue.

From Baveria all the way to North America, the legend of the Krampus continues to grow in popularity with parades and events celebrating this beast becoming commonplace around the globe during the season to be jolly.

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