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There was truly no natural purpose behind me to drag myself off to see `Dirty Politics’, espcially on Holi, in light of the fact that the last time K C Bokadia did something worth taking a gander at was a larger number of years once again than I can recollect.

In any case then I zoomed past all my buddies sprinkling `gulal’, avoiding a few excited children and their shaded water filled blow ups, to see exactly what number shades Mallika Sherawat has cleared out. This was the performing artist who sizzled some way or another up the Bollywood step, forgot to hang with Jackie Chan, and after that took off to potential Hollywood blockbusters. Last seen, the hot Indian fare was being a sorry serpent. And afterward the woman vanished.

She’s re-showed up as Anokhi Devi ( shades of Bhanwari Devi?) from Rajasthan. A not-extremely taught moving young lady ( accommodatingly called “nachaniya” ) whose rich charms take her from the phase where she moves, spinning her `ghagra’, to the political stadium where she makes men swing to her tune.

There was a period Ms Sherawat demonstrated she could move past bimbette-dom. ‘Messy Politics’, nonetheless, is not the film where she satisfies it. She ruffles about in her `ghagras’, letting the cam peep up. More substance is in plain view, when Om Puri, playing the Dirty Old Man to the handle, has numerous opportunities to have at her.

We see lower legs, legs, chest, back, all uncovered. Puri hams it up and benefits as much as possible from his libertine, pawing ceaselessly cheerfully. The onlookers incorporate a dumbfounded Naseer. Same Anupam Kher. Apparently this is a film which should put the focus on how legislative issues is the save of sick people and goons ( Jackie Shroff as a kohl-looked at awful gentleman mumbling dangers is amusing, and only one of the inadvertently interesting components), and how men in force go after ladies.

No such luckiness. What we get is the sort of film which ought to have been profound sixed preceding it was considered. Furthermore dialogs that had me laughing vulnerably in light of the fact that there was nothing else I could do. Puri, curving over Sherwat : you know how a tiger assaults? ( Oh the poor man, I felt for him). Sherawat, gnawing his ear : ‘kaat khaaongi’.

And afterward Sherawat is made to haul out the ‘ch… ” word from her armory and holler it out, when she is not folding her legs, situated on a throne, Sharon Stone-style. Also here I thought “gaalis” were being extracted left, right and focus.

This is it, kiddies. Me, I’m headed toward snatch the left-over `gujiyas’ and ‘thandai

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