Online Movie Stream: ‘The Forest’ Inspired By Real-Life Stories

The Film:

Based on an intriguing idea from David S. Goyer, The Forest centres on Japan’s mysterious Aokigahara Forest, a place where people go to die. Currently a tad busy on Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, not to mention the Justice League, Goyer has enlisted music video and viral marketing guru Jason Zada to helm this horror thriller in what will be his directorial debut.

Game Of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer is attached to star in a role that sees her visiting these creepy woods on the hunt for her missing sister, only to wander off the beaten track. The films is scheduled for an early 2016 release.

The Horror:

Situated at the foot of Japan’s Mount Fiji, Aokigahara – or Sea of Trees as it is known to locals – is a 14 square mile piece of greenery, with a dark history under its treetops. For reasons that continue to frustrate the local tourist board, this forest has been a place for people to visit in order to commit suicide.

Since the 1950s around five hundred folks have met their end in this eerily quiet locale, with the death toll and attempted suicide numbers rising every year. A group of volunteers have the dubious task of retrieving bodies from the forest and bringing them down to a base station, where it is told that the ghosts of the dead scream through the night.

Many blame the countries wavering economy on triggering these suicides, while others claim the forest itself is haunted by 19th-century victims of Ubasute, the ancient tradition of leaving elderly loved ones in a remote location to die.

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