Online Movie Stream: The Disappointments Room

The Film:
Director D. J. Caruso has teamed up with former Prison Break inmate turned screenwriter, Wentworth Miller, to create this intrguing horror flick. The plot sees a husband and wife move out to the boonies and into their dream home, only to discover a locked room up in the loft. Once this is opened a terrible evil is unleashed upon the family.

With Caruso being a tad on the quiet side of late – his last feature was the little seen coming of age flick, Standing Up – and Miller crafting a rich script for Park Chan-wook’s Stoker, the signs for this one are looking good and, importantly, scary.

The Horror:
Disappointment Rooms were a feature in the Old South, where families with a physically or mentally ill child would create a room within a room of sorts up in the attic to house their poor offspring. Usually billed as one of America’s most haunted locations, Lemp Mansion in St Louis was said to house such a room and, along with other members of the family, is haunted by the ghost of young Zeke Lemp, a deformed child former occupant of the loft room. Even up until recently those passing the building claim to have seen this legendary ‘monkey-faced boy’ glaring out of the window.

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