Online Movie Stream: ‘Poltergeist’ Inspired By Real-Life Stories

he Film:
American suburbia suddenly became very scary in the eighties when The Texas Chainsaw Massacre helmer, Tobe Hooper, unleashed The Poltergeist. Released in 1982, the film was a major box office hit and has gone on to be revered as a true genre great. After audiences had been suitably terrified by demon trees, Heather O’Rourke disappearing into the TV set and that insanely scary clown, a screeching franchise was born culminating in this year’s reboot.

Going by the trailer, this is taking the form of a faithful and frightening blockbuster starring the likes of Sam Rockwell and Jared Harris.

The Horror:
The inspiration behind this Steven Spielberg-penned story was Cheesman Park in Denver, which since the late 19th century has been a proving ground for spooky sightings and encounters. Historically, this location was once home to acres of cemetery, housing the bodies of well over two thousand dead, the majority of which were criminals and vagrants.

Following some nefarious dealings in congress, the city’s top bods adjudged that the graveyard had to be relocated; the process was grim, with reports detailing bodies being publicly dug up and cost-cutting tactics being employed where corpses were dismembered and stored in one coffin. Right from the get go the spirits of the desecrated made the public aware of their disdain, with various looters telling tales of being grabbed in the night by unseen hands.

Today, passers by mention of an immense feeling of sadness when walking through the park, while others have reported to hear moans and groans coming from the area where most of the dead are still said to be buried and, creepier still, there have been numerous sightings of children playing in the park at night, as well as a lady that trudges around singing to herself.

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