Online Movie Stream: Faults, An Exceptional Movie Review

The Plot: After a young woman, Claire (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), falls under the thrall of a new cult called Faults, her family hires an expert on cult deprogramming, Ansel Roth (Leland Orser), to help bring her back to reality.

Why It’s Awesome: A fascinating character study driven by Orser’s excellent central performance, Faults is only as much about the central cult storyline as it is Roth himself, who slowly unravels over the course of the movie, as his integrity is increasingly tested. Winstead is meanwhile superb as the brainwashed girl with more to her than meets the eye, and all the way to its mindf*** ending, this is tripwire tense filmmaking of a high order.

How To Watch It: On VOD now (US) / No release date announced (UK)

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