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Here is Non-Stop movie review in straight words and full movie trailer.
Nonstop Simone’s top stars Liam Neeson he plays a Marshall is on an airplane flying across the Atlantic to get a text message on a super-secret close network cell phone in a text message.

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Says someone on the flight is gonna die every 20 minutes until this guy get $250 million dollar endeavor that downward spiral events for Liam Neeson. He was trying to figure out what’s going on in chaos starts happening on the airplane. Because it’s an airplane and you have a list a suspect honestly this movie star to go to the airport you see people you like ugh I would share it is going to be him that the jury to its gonna be have maybe it’s the little seven-year-old girl who’s afraid of flying the plane. You don’t know Liam Neeson was good in the wrong he is always good in these roles was always have fun with these roles honest to god picky talk with us agent every morning is like any script on my desk right get the plane older badass yes call us do that is pretty badass been this movies kinda a dick also kisses dude arm holding his light can you point out where you saw it he’s dragging this guy all about the cabin is on hold that’s clearly painful your life be a little more diplomatic likely miss a good thing like are I really need your help. If you can point out this guy. You saw it would save lives can you do that for me then it gives you shit but his face against the glass building a blow out the window. You don’t know me think that is movies you look at the movie like it’s completely functional I’m enjoying the movie only thing is you have to suspend your disbelief on a lotta shit everything is so perfect in this movie the premises on gonna die every 20 minutes but is not a to be it’s not like this guy is killing people dislike things are set in motion and then it happens to work out for the guys plan that works for a script like the words on paper that is descriptive the screen writers alike watch we can write a series of events that end up working out perfectly really got to get was playing riders at what we do they should take me out a bit because I like there’s no way the world would be that perfect for the guy on the nose 20 minutes Lee Mason’s watch starts beeping and someone is now dead. Every step in between worked out flawlessly with all these variables that screw no things screwed up in the movie the actual in screw up there working with the guys plan. I refuse to believe they have come from Star Trek The Next Generation on this flight because that’s who could make it happen QB then he be elected yeah it’s not working it’s too hard just stupid previously seventh child race on nonstop is not realistic nothing makes sense.

It’s cheesy but fun enough to be kinda interesting well as cheesy enjoyable the walked all around I will play,  Non-stop is a good time no haha requires he apparently in this movie up all time

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