Nicole Kidman: I miss my children so much

Nicole Kidman is “very connected” to her children, she wakes up 3:00 panic about them when they are separated.

Actress adopted children Connor and Isabella Adventures ex-husband Tom Cruise and their daughter Sunday rose with husband Keith Urban and Faith Margaret.

Your work means that it is often far from their loved ones, who are 45 years of age, but finds it difficult.

“I would say it’s easy, but you can not, I miss them so much when I’m out and so limit the time leaves no other reason that I love to love them, but my person, because I am 03:00 panics as important, “he said on the issue of Harper-market

Isabella is 19 and 17 – Connor and Nicole can not believe that their children have grown. Was not surprised at how quickly the time passed, and enjoying every minute of her little daughter.

Being Keith also motivated. “He’s just being very kind to me and trust me and understand me opening, trying to learn my sexuality, that kind of thing,” she said.


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