New Version, Grid Auto Sport| Feature and Required Hardware

Racing Series ‘Grid series has added a new version of the’ Grid Auto Sport. Code Master is a eye-catching graphics and exciting all aayojana gematite created.

Gatirai fight game has more competitive and challenging. Play Station 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows powered pisisaha gaming console, you can enjoy all kinds of ‘Grid Auto Sports’ game.

The protagonist of the story since the beginning of the second sequel. Motor vehicle driver as experienced gamer. The city will be trodden down, and ran far dudharera crooked paths. Motor Cars at Paris City was excellent from all the major competition held resinyera World Series Racing. Efficient Motor Cars resadera gamer won the various countries. So now running around in his triumph. Some have a lot on his side namidami company. Wants to drive them to the next competition.

Will play the role of an experienced Motor Cars resarera gematite gemarake nice. To prove their skills at the different countries traveled to remote racing track. Will win the competition. Gemarake will participate at various racing events. The speed of the country in the fight to fight with resaradera Motor Cars. Increasingly Racing, promo, time attack and challenge the vehicle harder and harder to drive on the road gemarake hostile manner. Thus, if the winning match point.

Which will unlock new tracks and locations, can be bought new and modern-style cars. Both single and multi-player mode, you can enjoy the game.

Required hardware :

Due to the Intel Core i 6600 series, 240 GHz or Athlone 64 x II Dual Core series processors, RAM, two GB Graphics Card: Direct X 11, G-Force 8600 GT Nvidia or AMD Radeon HD 2600 X-51 Mega jididiara 3 and free hard disk Space: 15 GB.

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