New Browser of Microsoft |Good Bye Internet Explorer

Once it was difficult to use the Internet without Internet Explorer. Internet users and Internet Explorer to the Windows operating system was built on the same formula. He has one more browser. Alternation of the Internet Explorer bookmarked. It could benefit many people and having new browser. Rather than as a result of the new browser Announced Microsoft IE.

Microsoft on Tuesday announced that the company’s marketing chief Chris Kyaposela, Windows-10 operating system they are working on the creation of the new browser. The new name of the band is seeking.

Chris said, the project code name “Project Spartan. It is now close Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is the enterprise version of Windows -10. The name of the new browser will be different.

He also said that Microsoft is working on a new name, tired. An interesting name because many users are poor. He gave the example, as a result of the installation of the Delta name maikrosata all they play in the browser Google Chrome has been able to attract by users.

From the last few years, the popularity of Internet Explorer users haracchila. Internet Explorer is unable to attract the attention of users of the new copies. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 to avoid the negative effects of taking several initiatives fail. In December last year, the Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to the left. He indicated, Explorer of the day has ended.

Internet Explorer’s market share in the last 10 years has come down a lot. However, 10 percent of the world’s Internet users are using this browser. Therefore, Microsoft has started a new browser. Source: Yahoo! News

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