Movie Review: Emma Watson’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Review:Like the novel, the story revolves around Charlie (Logan Lerman), a melancholic teenager suffered its share of pain and eccentric history in 1991 when the new school year, waiting to make his prayers are answered when you are with him to save the company Patrick (a charismatic Ezra Miller) and a half sister, Patrick, Sam (Emma Watson). To promote both the self and other non-conformist, including sexual, Mary Elizabeth (juggernaut lively Mae WHITMAN) Charlie experiences that almost every young American hero of the film outside of the names he finds that the tribe and then committed suicide.

The Angst and materials may vary for all the years of suffering and Confusion in films rarely deviate from the model. Charlie’s parents are tearing the party should take the howl of the “rebel without a cause», – Teen Angst ur film. However, many of the same issues to young people to “rebel” in such a beautiful agonies disorders, sex, health, conformity, masculinity and disgruntled – Charlie problems and their friends too. In addition to clothes and music, still much the same as those years unwonderful, including fear, dreams and bullies. And because many of these tears and fears are so familiar with, can not be very interesting. Melodrama, cry for them, but also for us.

Instead of trying to imitate the sound of the correspondence, Mr. Chbosky brings this familiar world through the perspective of the film, in his eyes, Charlie flashbacks and voice, but also depends on Ubiquitous camera. The results were pleasing, surprising, and first of all, a showcase of the very young, in particular, Mr. Miller, which brings texture to your cute quipster gay sensitive.

Mr. Lerman and especially Mrs. Watson are also relatively less attractive presences life. You will never expand beyond its generic sensitive environments, ranging from books (“arrest the crime rye field”) that hungry Dabaghyan Charlie as a child he and his friends fight the battles at home and in their head. Of course, you want them to make it out OK, and he did.

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