Movie in Time review| Film story 2011

Written and directed by Andrew Niccolò, intellectual genius to write games for the brain, such as “The Show Truman” conjured another clever idea: “In Time” takes place at a future where the aging gene 25 automatically, so the real world, which does not belong to the “new generation” is also the world’s pain, as it applies to life outside the magic number that depends on how long you can borrow, borrow, buy or steal.

Time is money, literally, that the coin of the realm. And when you have reached 25 at that point in life where the whole frontal lobe matures and knows how to do your hair, it will start. Life is a shopping day, one hour before the second time. GLOW-in-the-dark numbers on your forearm (not so subtle Echoes German concentration camp account) in order to maintain this account for the second time behind the rest of the second. Tick, tick, baby.

You can give your time to embrace a kind of secret, it’s a little too easy, and you believe that such a fraud. Almost every plot twist and turn, it seems to be destined to remember that the most fundamental truth – live every moment puts you one step closer to death in this new era is called ” timing out”, which is very clean and neat, very clean and neat. So the tension started to pass by that quickly drained.

Scientists figure out how to stop aging, but greed is still a problem, which puts the action. Police during the police to ensure that no one should be illegal, resulting in temporary Raymond Leon (played by steel cheese Murphy), which we learn that in fact 50. You do not want to Wilde, who plays Rachel Salas, his mother will Timberlake. I have mentioned in materials science.

There are media moguls and more time than God, that banks are Bank of the poor count Philip Weiss (“Mad Men” Vincent Kartheiser, so I was here), Sylvia’s daughter (Seyfried), the eyes, that girl father, but if you love or longer will be tested. There are regular bandits, thieves called Minutemen, led by Alex Pettyfer, who seems a little too easy to get bad – guy roles (“unbearable”, “Tormented»), and Fortis. Moreover, inflation is rampant, a division of classes is more, the world has come to an action hero. Cue Timberlake.

“In Time” Timberlake turning superhero, but the way it is headed by a very large pop career with an impressive portfolio of more (“social network,” recently), it may not be necessary. He brings a sensitivity to its interesting characters, including Will, suggesting the complex “In Time” – is not disclosed. The same goes Seyfried (“Mama Mia”, “Red riding Hood”), you can do much more than using the eyes large and elegant lines.

Was shot in Los Angeles, Center for the subs ghetto district of warehouses, where most people work and live in Beverly Hills, Malibu, etc., the rich side of things. This may sound like it was just a reality today, but the production team and veteran cinematographer Roger Deakins have reimagined them very convincing. Especially in the ghetto. There, stripped of everything needed, except for the layer of dirt that seems to coat everything, including people. Everyone moves fast (except for the actual film, which lasts about two hours), they will eventually, over time.
Rachel Gibs                                                                                              27th october’11

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