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The boys want to dance, and Hollywood wants to cash in, that passion, and clutches daughter, when her parents said, “I do not want to see that the child”, “footloose” weather. And to be redone.
The new version of the 1984 costarred beloved Kevin bacon and Lori Singer as the fastest feet in a city, which prohibits dancing young people do not fix it, as an extension. Great tradition of Los Angeles real estate property is a considerable upgrade, if necessary, repaired and tweaked to bring it in conformity with the requirements of today’s market.
This means that the clothes are tighter, more toned body, the hottest dancing, the characters are different racially, the most obvious sexual context. However, this still beats the heart of a cynical abuse of the numbers, if these items as well as acting, in particular, has never been connected before.

Realizing fully proven commercial formula should not be tampered with this new “footloose”, `Craig Brewer, director of a scenario that the U.S. is the original writer Dean Pitchford, very close to its predecessor in all the ways that count.

Not only all the scenes and lines of dialogue appears in two films, objects of worship as fusquinha yellow, gray coat and a red cowboy boots fire dinner (who does not remember these boots.) Also found the magic again. Brewer says that functions as a “board” to reassure the faithful that all is right with the world.

The public can expect anything other than Brewer, as his previous films were faux – acute “hustle & Flow” and “Black Snake Moan”, both of which are deflected in a stain that never transgressiveness ventured below the surface. In fact, however, the films, as well as “footloose” the durability of resistant film cliches, most honorable.
One of the first adjustments in Brewer and Pitchford (South West and to the fabulous city of Bomont) to open a new “footloose”, a reenactment of a terrible car accident after the party, which ended the lives of five of the most promising young city, including the son of Rev. Shaw Moore.
Reduces the Rev. Distressed (Dennis Quaid), he does everything will look as if you have something to eat rancid. “Our Lord is testing us,” said the man claimed to be God, and teach to the test, get the council to put them under curfew and bani new to them, “lewd and dissolute dance audience.”
The reverend, as shown in more than three years after the successful than in his rebellious daughter, Ariel (Julianne hough). Pointless death of her brother, she leaves a dirty stock car driver (John Patrick Flueger) and used clothing, so strong, “if you put a quarter in your back pocket can be said that the move”.
Check MacCormack Bomont boy came into her mother’s day, but an updated version of a new emotion to live with his aunt and uncle to her parents. Although the city government figures, the arms just above the “yankee sarcasm” Young (STAR ​​Kenny Wormald suggested to keep your Boston accent), it seems, as well as in pasteurized milk.
Make friends quickly with local child Willard (“Rabbit hole is« Miles treasurer is the role of Chris Penn), List did not know what it is hard to believe that someone as attractive as Ariel in this small town, or are not allowed to dance with him. :
A place where old »footloose» – is the latest version of the emotional quality of the actor, though, as mentioned in the last Herb Ross (who gets the base out of the closing credits), the first film was hardly a dramatic framework.
However, there is a given, try not too, however, can not match the impact of the entire Board of emotional, as well as bacon and singer, folks, such as John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest, Sarah Jessica Parker (as sidekick Rusty) and Penn on the on the screen.
On the other hand, current and Stars Wormald has strong credentials hough dance act, which is consistent with the high energy of the impact of the latest version of its goal.
Rage and songs as hormones, known as “footloose” and “Holding for a hero ‘gets an updated treatment, it is difficult not to wonder what will be the next fix.

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