Memorable childhood experience of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift “felt rejected,” When I was in school. Country singer, 22 years old, does not always lead to a happy life interesting.

Taylor admits that in his youth he often sadHis first songs were inspired by her sadness.

“[A My staff] started when I was only in high school,” she told the British newspaper The Sun.”I felt rejected – No one ever invited me to their parties.”

Taylor feels has come a long way since he started his musical career.Star is very different fears about how the public will receive your work.

“When I brought my first album at the age of 16, my biggest fear was that no one had heard of it,” said Taylor.

“Now I feel very happy, because it is guaranteed that there will be strong opinions about it now, my concern is that these theories are better.” Taylor loves her life in the present.

She covers her life Jet-set.”See the world With Girls cry when I have this beautiful With People come to see me play and get to wear Fancy dresses, [which is the best thing in my work,” she said.

Taylor, released its new Red in four states on Monday.

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