Madonna’s falling on stage of Brit Awards 2015

It was a night of rushes and spills (actually) as the musical first class met up to commend the 2015 Brit Awards.

What’s more a standout amongst the most discussed minutes happened comfortable end amid the show’s finale when Madonna attempted to fix her streaming Armani cape amid her execution of Living For Love and the pop hotshot was inadvertently pulled down a set of steps by one of her dance lovers.

The vocalist, who was sent sprawling before she proceeded with her execution, later posted a message on Instagram saying: “I’m fine!”

Brilliant young men of British pop Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith imparted the distinctions on what was a quieted night – truly on account of Kanye West – at the Brit Awards.

US rapper West, upheld by an immense support cast and a fire hurler, appeared his new track All Day, which gimmicks rehashed utilization of the N word, at the business occasion. Anyway viewers at home were left befuddled when the sound on the live ITV show was over and over quieted.

Previous EastEnders performer Hetti Bywater said: “Erm….Kanye, would you be able to please prevent my TV from quieting and simply stop with the hostile dialect, salud”.

An alternate viewer, tweeting as Shukat1, said: “Why have Kanye in case you’re simply gonna control the execution?”

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