Luxury apartment in New York | Emma needs new Flat

Are you searching home address of EmmaWatson? Emma Watson hunting new house own self in New York.
The star of the Harry Potter-looking apartment on the Upper East Side near Central Park, sources told the New York yet.

He is now studying at Oxford University in England, but realized that would be based in New York: Oxford at the time and it is expected to return to Brown in Rhode Island at the beginning.

Emma, ​​who is dating your partner will be Adamowicz Oxford, that should be starring in a movie: Harry Potter director David Yates.

This is probably the star of his voice in my head of a British journalist based in New York.

Stars as a British survey of American households, the Barbados singer Rihanna, Emma is looking at land.

The singer is rumored to move to London, May, July, and filming a new television series.

«Rihanna returns to England to film a live show in the sky and decided to settle down a little, when it ended,” the source told British newspaper The Sun.

“Although I may be going on trips out of London: Rihanna has instructed its employees to find the house or around the capital.”

The source adds that the property is bought in London, now looking elsewhere as he wanted the doors to fans and Paparazzi. Rihanna has shot two episodes of fashion, also starring the girls aloud singer Nicola Roberts.

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posted by Wasiul Biswas                   23.Apr.2012

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