LIVE Stream TV or Sports not allowed in Adsense Blog/Site 

Adsense account Disable? Advertise not appear on your site?
There are many adsense account become inactive or destroy or ad of adsense become disable for a little wrong decision. Many blogger or adsense publisher copy and past embed  code for live TV telecasting or LIVE Sport Stream. But Its a very wrong decision.Google Adsense don’t allowed  this Stream. If you copy a embed code with out permission from that broadcaster, it will more dangerous for adsense account and it will consider as a HACKING content. Although we see many sites, those are publish both TV Stream and Google advertise but when Google will find like these sites those also will become break down.

Many people complain in various forum that Google adsense disable my account for live sports but Google Adsense has not taken proper step on Adult content sites and Porn video TV Stream’s sites. Yeah Brother some  of sites you will also see which sites are crossing term and condition of adsense. But Google can’t review those sites can’t disable those accounts of rich dishonest man. But It seems not corruption of Google. It may be a weakness of monitoring.

Many bloggers question – Why Google Adsense disable our ad although we are poor and honest blogger? 

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