Lindsay Lohan missed some of her lines when she made her West End debut

The actress took the stage in David Mamet’s play and, according to a review from The Daily Beast, the star had the audience giggling when she forgot a few lines.

“On the first night of previews, a work-in-progress feel is to be expected. But halfway through the second act of Speed-the-Plow, the audience was openly laughing at Lohan’s struggle to grasp Mamet’s sharp, trademark dialogue,” Nico Hines writes.

But he also added that “Lohan remained charming throughout”, that this was “no car crash” and that her return “marks a modest return to the spotlight after years of court appearances and tales of unrest on set.”

LondonNet wrote: “Forgot her lines during the preview for Speed-the-Plow at the Playhouse theatre last night. To be fair, she did remember the phrase, ‘I know what it is to be bad, I’ve been bad’ and much of her performance was fine.”

New York Daily News said that Lindsay “managed to hang on through her small but critical role as Hollywood secretary Karen – but only with the aid of some crew members offstage who shouted lines at her when she blanked on what she was supposed to say.”

News 25.Sep.2014

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