Lady Gaga Engaged in this Valentine |Photo with boyfriend

Mother Monster has some energizing news to impart: She’s locked in!

“He provided for me his heart on Valentine’s Day, and I said YES!” Lady Gaga composed on Instagram Monday while flaunting a photograph of her heart-molded ring long-lasting sweetheart Taylor Kinney displayed to her while popping the inquiry.

Not long after the proposition, the promised twosome were purportedly spotted inside her family’s Manhattan restaurant.

“I heard the vocalist say ‘It was time’ as she flashed the ring around,” reports Times Herald-Record official editorial manager Barry Lewis, who happened to be eating at Joanne’s Trattoria on the Upper West Side with his wife Saturday evening when the couple entered the restaurant.

Lewis reports her dad, Joe Germanotta, opened a container of champagne to commend the content couple.

Gaga, 28, and Kinney, 33, have been dating for around four years, and the limit pushing vocalist has implied at an engagement as of late.

“I truly can’t envision being with anybody other than who I’m with at this time,” she told Howard Stern in December while evading inquiries concerning a conceivable engagement.

“He is the right fellow,” she additionally said, and included that they bond over their commonly innovative work. “I have that inclination. I simply know it.”

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