Jennifer Connelly Way Too Hot For Requiem for a Dream

Winning the runner-up award for “most beautiful drug addict in the history of drug addicts” is Jennifer Connelly as Marion in Darren Aronofsky’s searing addiction parable Requiem for a Dream. While the film is arguably cinema’s most powerful and devastating depiction of drug addiction, Connelly still comes out of it pretty well; whether sauntering around her apartment without her underwear on, or putting on heavy make-up to go meet her “John” (as pictured above), she still looks great, and not what we at all picture when we think of a drug addict.

While her final scene in the movie is the notorious “ass to ass” scene, Connelly still looks attractive, even if she’s soaked in sweat and inside a room full of lecherous men throwing money at her. Connelly is clearly too hot to do grubby roles like this…

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