If Idris Elba Wasn’t An Actor, He’d Be A Teacher

Idris Elba has been a lot of things over the years. Whilst trying to ge his acting and DJ careers off the ground he took a succession of lower-paying jobs, form manual labour to working as a door man at night clubs. He worked hard to get where he is today.

Has he ever considered what he would’ve done if either of his entertainment industry gambits hadn’t paid off, though? Apparently so, according to an interview with Oprah Winfrey’s website around the time he starred opposite Beyonce in stalker drama Obsessed, where he also revealed his favourite meal as a breakfast of steak and eggs. Ladies.

“I’d be in the teaching profession possibly,” he said, although possibly in a somewhat less than traditional form. “My cousin in England is a life coach, and I like what he does, because he gets to help people make better choices. I called him and told him I want to hire him, but he told me it doesn’t work like that.”

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