ICC-India Corruption in Match ? Umpire Wrong Decision Against Bangladesh

A week team may loss the match against storing team(India), but when ICC or/and it’s umpires openly support the strong team for their win, its really shame for world class cricket.

A Pakistani senior cricket personality was saying few days ago that ICC make the ground and condition according India’s favor. So India win the matches easily. The issue was down recently. But the current match India vs Bangladesh bring the debut again. Because the umpire wrong decision and third umpire’s love to protect to Indian wicket.
ICC Corrapted with India
Suresh Raina’s LBW issue: One of the rules, the ball can not be thrown out of the line of the leg stumps. Leg stumps if the ball is first time leg-before appeal. Mashrafe ball was just outside the leg stumps. Slightly more than half of the sentence leg stumps. But that does not melt the heart of the umpires. They can not go outside the rules. The ball must be completely inside the leg stumps.
This went Raina survive. Sanjay Manjerekara sat as a commentator and he said’rules in the decision is correct, but in principle it is not.’ Cricinfo wrote, it is much more ‘closed’ in the application. So it

Rohit Sharma NO ball issue: The decision of NO BALL was completely wrong decision by the umpire Gould. Commentator Shane Warne as he sat down, it was not a no-ball. Very bad decision. ” Former India batsman VVS Laxman even tweeted, “Gould quite bad decision. The ball was down of waist. Thankfully Rohit got another life.” Sky Sports Cricket tweeted: “Sharma is caught at deep midwicket but the umpire gives a no ball for height”

In this situation ICC and umpires attracted by the question of former cricketer that Is ICC really has India-affection ?

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