Hugh Jackman’s personal realization with Daniel Craig | Hugh could still be Bond !

Hugh Jackman – has admitted that some arrependimentos pass on the opportunity to play James Bond.

Les Miserables star was approached about the role of Director 007 2006 casino royale, but too busy to play WOLVERINE in the X-Men series.
Hugh told the Sun: “At that time, it was bad for me, but when I saw DANIEl (Craig), a film that I think I might be more concerned about, because it’s great.

“But I have many colleagues with Daniel when I was in Australia we are, and you know that no one could have played the best bond».

Hugh, who plays Jean Valjean in a film adaptation of Les Miserables, joked: “I’m just waiting for a good thing about Daniel is that, what, 62 now, is that it does not fall apart, then … I followed him saying: “I am ready, when you want to go, I’m ready.”

posted by Wasiul Biswas     06.Dec.2012

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