How will go year 2012 | countrywise Astrology 2012

It’s Astrology about 2012

To do analysis and research about situation of all planets, it should not tell that year 2012 will bring lot of peace and bless to world.To see the motion and location of several planets, it’s become understandable that 2012 will become more important to cosmopolitan also it will become inclement(weather base).

The sequence of past 2011, flood,drought, climate change,earthquake etc will come.The middle east world remain under same political pressure like as before.

In Iran suddenly will be warm and president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  will have to struggle home and out of country. For Pakistan this year may will most eventful and changeable.Pakistan will decrease communication and other relation with some countries.

For India year 2012 will some pleasant and disappoint situation.It possible that any bombing may occur.India will be ahead by winning some diplomatic international issues.Moreover relations will develop between India and neighbor countries.

China will become attention to make more missile and will store those in country.International market of China remain like as past years.

USA try to keep  their kingdom mode like as year 2011 on middle east world.Some how people of USA and other countries will Criticize for justice of USA.

Israel and Palestinian will deal between them and keep remain like as past year 2011.

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Posted By Wasiul Biswas                       01.01.2012   

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