How to Identify fake picture of Facebook? Answer- Discover fake profile photo of facebook| Check a picture that fake or not

Generally you get some beautiful girl’s profile/handsome boy’s profile in Facebook or other social sites. Now question Is- how can I realize that her/his photo/picture is fake or real?

Answer: Here I have written Step by Step solution to catch fake picture with screenshot photos as a example.

Step 1: Go to a profile page or wall of facebook which you need to check. Click on profile picture to Download(click right button and save as picture,ok).
or, simply download a picture from any site to check.

Step 2: Now Go to , select Image option on Top-bar, then click on camera sign in right side of search bar. you will get upload options.

Step 3: Upload your downloaded picture from your PC, Done !!

Google will show you the real information about the picture and you also can realize to see those information that he/she is perfect general user or not.

In my example screen-photo, I got that the person of picture  is “Katrina Kaif” who is Indian film actress/model etc. So I catch that example facebook user using photo of Kartina Kaif in profile.

posted by Wasiul Biswas 06.Jan.2013
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