How To Fix Shortcut Virus From Window PC and Pendrive

Computer users are familiar with the ‘shortcuts’  virus. It quickly spread to all of the drive folder and if you click on any folder, it create a new shortcut in folder. This  system can be quickly removed.
It occurs when the Visual Basic script named shortcuts.exe  spread in pen drive or memory card from the computer.

Firstly turn off ‘Auto Run’ of your pendrive/memory card.  Download this tools from here (size 5 KB) and Unzip it. I keep 2 tools , these are fixfolder.vbs and Trojorm Removal Tool v1.5.bat.

Now copy the Trojorm Removal Tool v1.5.bat file and paste it to the affected pendrive or affected drive of PC. Turn Off or deactive your antivirus till complete this fight against shortcuts.

Now double click on it and run it to scan.  After completing scan close the windows. Then copy the file to fixfolder.vbs. in your drive  same as before. Right-click on the file fixfolder.vbs select ‘Open With’ Notepad to open. Here you will see cDrive = “H:” the line, change the latter according your drive’s latter. I mean, if your pen drive letter M, then write cDrive = “M:”

Click on the File Menu and Save as – fixfolder.vbs to save the file. At the end of the work of the Open With fixfolder.vbs file by right-clicking and select ‘open with’ Microsoft Windows Based Script Host. Done :)

After finish this process you can release from shortcuts problem. Now you can use well tools like this or  quality antivirus to protect this virus for long years. Thanks

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