How to Discover own self I Every man special

Every Year a lot of student fail to take decision about their carrier for university admission.Firstly most of student think that  they must be admit most famous University or collage without specific carrier aim. They don’t think about their quality, they don’t research themselves what talentless in them,what job/work attracted in mind. Secondly from childhood parents had been decided  about carrier of child. The child also starts to dream around those.The child lose his own Individualism.

Most often 4-5 years later(after ending of University level) student understood what profession should they take.Then they have no chance to back their past for another professional aim.

Which people can discover own-self, can understand the language in their mind they enjoy their career always.Although it’s true any body can’t know their future career, future life.Some people want to became like as their ancestor. But remember president Obama’s ancestors were not present of US.

posted by Wasiul Biswas                         28.12.2011

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