How to convert PDF file form word | Word to PDF

Make a FDF file form Word file in easy way with nice video tutorial. Most often you may want to convert your documents to pbf files which can be viewed with adobe reader, by default if you cannot save word document as a PDF.

##You need to grab an add in
Step by Step
1. Simply go to the Microsoft‘s website Write “pdf add in” in search bar and search it.

Click the first link.

Download this add in.

Install and allow the add in to run and after you had a it hasn’t solved.
Go back to work

2. Go to the office button

go to file> save as

and now you can save

your word documents with as a PDF file which can be viewed with adobe reader.

You may watch below video for more effective learn.

posted by Wasiul Biswas 25.Dec.2012

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